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The purpose of "Hey Tuskegee" is to provide Tuskegee Alumni and friends additional motivation to share Tuskegee's rich history and stories to a larger community, so eventually we can increase the amount of students who attend Tuskegee University in the future! I didn't matriculate to Tuskegee via a recruiter or some fancy marketing pamphlet - it was a proud graduate that influenced my decision.  It is my hope this book can do the same thing for others!  
Robert E. Constant

Robert E. Constant is a creative writer who is at the start
of a burgeoning hobby as a children’s book author. Robert
is a senior level fundraising administrator with over twenty years of experience in higher education and has worked with respected academic institutions like Southern Methodist University, the University of Virginia, Seton Hall University, and Rutgers University. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Tuskegee University in 1998 and his Master’s Degree in Sports Administration from St. Thomas University in 2001. Robert has always had a love for education and sports, so he is thrilled to have had the opportunity to write a children’s book embracing both. 

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